Courses and training activities for managers and people in charge of communication and
marketing of companies in the most diverse sectors of activity.


In parallel with communication consultancy, CV&A is a DGERT certified communication training entity, which allows us to have a comprehensive offer of courses and training activities for managers and those responsible for communication and marketing in companies in the most diverse sectors of activity.

Training courses that you can find at CV&A:

  • Media Training: learn how to relate to the media and streamline your communication for TV, radio or print interviews.
  • Public Speaking: gain skills to speak fearlessly and confidently in front of large audiences and at large events.
  • Writing for digital content: deepen your knowledge of writing techniques for the latest digital mediums.
  • Crisis Management Communication Course: learn how to communicate in a crisis situation and prepare yourself for any undesirable situation where communication can be the key to your reputation.
  • Tailor-made training: talk to us, tell us about your needs in specific communication skills and we will find the best training solution.

Certified by DGERT 

The DGERT certification allows our teaching programmes to be recognised by the IEFP.

The quality of our courses is assured by professional and certified trainers.

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