Crisis Management

At CVA we have teams that are specialised
in communication strategies for crisis situations.

A crisis situation is not something that only happens to others. No organisation, company and its managers or people of public recognition are free from being involved at any time, and for circumstances that do not depend only on them, in unexpected events that may compromise, sometimes irreversibly, their reputation.

At CVA we have teams specialised in specific communication strategies for crisis situations, not only acting in the course of an event, but also preparing in advance in case one day something unexpected should happen. Regardless of the sector or branch of activity, CVA is able to prepare crisis manuals (the document that serves as a guide for action in all possible crisis situations), prepare spokespeople, simulations and manage relations with stakeholders (customers, suppliers, press, regulators, etc.)


CVA’s experience in crisis management:

  • Restructuring situations with a social or geographical impact
  • Communication in situations of industrial accidents or with social and public impact
  • Communication after cyber-security attacks
  • Reputation management in the event of discrediting campaigns
  • Elaboration of crisis manuals

Our experts

Knowing how to communicate in a crisis situation can be decisive for the future of reputation.

At CVA we are specialists in crisis communication strategies with recognised experience in sectors such as Health, Energy, Distribution, Banking, Insurance and Industry, among many others.

Meet the CVA team

Importance of the Crisis Manual

The Crisis Manual is a document prepared in advance for emergency use in the event of a crisis.

This document foresees the various crisis situations that may occur and the communication procedures and spokespeople for each of the cases. It is an extremely important document and can be crucial when it comes to defending reputation.

Training of spokespersons

In a crisis situation there has to be someone who represents the organisation, giving their voice and speaking on behalf of that organisation.

CVA has preparation programmes for spokespeople aimed at training them for specific communication situations where difficult answers have to be given in undesired situations.

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