Financial Communication

We are specialists in communication for the financial sector
with consultants specifically trained.

Financial communication is one of the genesis of CVA, since its origin in 2003. Our consultants have handled communication strategies for some of the largest operations in Portugal (and outside of Portugal), particularly in the field of mergers and acquisitions, takeover bids and public offerings, admission processes to capital markets, debt issues and financial restructuring.

At CVA, we manage all the communication processes using specialised consultants, from the identification and mapping of stakeholders, support for legal communication for major operations, monitoring and training of market relations representatives and mediation of communication with the market, the press and regulatory and supervisory bodies.


Our experts

For 20 years CVA has been at the side of some of the largest financial operations in Portugal.

We specialise in communications for mergers and acquisitions, stock exchange transactions, debt restructuring operations and investor relations advisory.

Meet the CVA team

Network of partners

CVA’s work in financial communication is not limited to Portugal.

Through its own presence in some countries and through partnerships in other geographies, CVA is able to provide support with communication strategies in international financial operations or operations originating from entities outside Portugal.

Market Relations Support

CVA consultants provide ongoing support for the companies’ relations with the markets through its Investor Relations.

We have in-depth knowledge of the obligations, particularly of listed companies, towards regulators and supervisors in order to maintain coherent communication in compliance with all legislation.

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