Corporative and Institutional Communication

We design the right strategy
for your company to have the most appropriate narrative.

Companies’ mere existence is not enough. They need to have their own narrative, make themselves known to their markets, explain their purpose, their mission and their values. At CVA, this is what we do for our clients, helping them to communicate in the most appropriate way to boost their business and positioning them as an important element of society as a generator of the economy and well-being.

With our specialised teams of consultants, we design strategies so that an organisation is recognised and has an effective message in all its aspects, complying with all the rules, whether of the market or of law.


Our experts

We take our clients’ stories, missions and values as our own.

Our consultants know exactly how to develop the communication project for your organisation, from strategy and consultancy to implementation and execution.

Meet the CVA team

Internal communication

It is one of the most important components in corporate and institutional communication.

The employees of a company are its first image and it is to them that the priority of communication should go. At CVA we develop strategies with our own tools to ensure that everyone in an organisation is aligned with its messages and values.

External communication

External communication ensures that all the company’s main external publics – customers, suppliers, regulators, investors, etc. – have the most appropriate information and that which best enhances the organisation’s reputation.

An external communication programme comprises a plan of action developed on a case-by-case basis, regardless of the sector of economic activity in which it operates.

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